Sincerely, Not Yours.

Credit to Photographer (Unknown)

Dear Mother,
I once lived within your
collection of bones and flesh
stacked neatly  together
our souls became intertwined
                  woven dreams like tapestry
run all over the stateless stream
of our warm blood
of the first land I ever
       the cadence of your heart
the gush of your blood
  I remember you
humming comfort into my
as my fingers bruised
with paper cuts

I love you
Sincerely, Not Yours

Dear father,
I killed you with the
bare of my own hands
with your heart still beating still
standing in the doorway
eyes turning gray
and beads of
sweats on your chest
— anger
you died
before time
an absence in your presence
leave me breathless

This is your daughter
shrieking voiceless
under her damaged skins

I am ruined
I know
but I loved you
Sincerely, not yours

Dear Sister
I am a misnomer
a walking eulogy of imperfections
of inquisitive tongues and
your favourite color
I am the fear flogged
with your tears
an imperfection clothed in
all gold that glitters and
you call yourself dead
but maybe I am too

Remember the days when
we ran free with our
tender hearts turning into
a singular masterpiece
under the sun
our braided tresses are

That I love you like
the sun has been
my first kiss

Meet me there

Sincerely Not Yours

Dear Brother
Do I know you
or do you know me
when I see you within myself
your silhouette roaming in my sleep
she’s your keeper
and I am not

You ain’t a stranger
I know and I hope I am
not too

I missed your laughters and
the way you twisted this world
with your disfigured fingers
stained with glycerin

I missed you
please come back

Sincerely, Not Yours

Dear Lover ,
We are just children
of light
lost in the thick of the woods
walking our way home

Please ,
Hush and let me be your fortress
as we ache for the ravens
in the still born of a dawn

I remember you told me
You wanted me under
your quilts
tearing the stitches sewn at
the hem of my heart
open while I am
still learning how to breath
with half a heart arrested
in a jar of tears

you made
me loved the way you prodded
my scars
flicked it over as if they
are trivial memories
stained with absinthe trying
to make a comeback one
after another
in the warp of time

Our love live in the
in a field full of poppies
and wild lilacs
on the benches drenched
with the acidity of  the rain

I know.

I love you,
Your beautiful mind ranting
Your crippling bones aching
for poignant beauty and pain

But that doesn’t make you mine
I am not your God .

Sincerely, Not Yours.


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