Dear Eloquence

Dear eloquence
(because you taught me
how to give myself voice
after I took it raw from the
back of  my
throat and later realise I couldn’t put it
back into places like I have

to breath underwater
when your ankles are cemented
to the ocean demands
lioness’ heart with a dam full of
courage for vulnerability

like— exposing your withering
thoughts by etching the disfigured
holograph of your war thorn
soul onto papers
Even when you can no longer
think during  odd hours

or like when you are making
love to red inquisitions  griping
at your arms
as it courses down your
pink skin  (now bloodshed)

or loving the ghosts
two and a half lovers
who claimed themselves bold enough
to claim your love  
  but they can’t because they had to live
with half a heart arrested in a
sea glass jar of
either lust or the
fear or falling
when I would have wrote them letters
signed ‘sincerely not yours’

comet ;
killjoy ;
blue jay;
love –
you are a
moon child with a
heart restlessly giving birth
to tides that takes two
to tame

but when world is unforgiving
and your self built prison walls
grow to dark
or damp
and cold

even a thousand ‘layers masks ‘ shall
never conceal eloquence
or ‘equanimity ‘ you bear unknowingly
that I can only wish of acquiring
and no
I am not fooled
because even when you are divided
you are whole
and exquisite behind the
nonchalant smiles

for someone who can’t
afford a journey to his
he lose the sight of your
of your strength
and bravery that speaks in foreign

but that doesn’t mean
you should too


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