An Ode To A Sister {A Poem }


Earlier in the late March, a soul sister , of whom I loved so dearly has celebrated her solar return. Nights before, we spent the whole week, crafting a concrete moment of closure for her past years- a good bye ritual, as I loved to call it.

A night before her birthday, we have rummaged through many old pictures, some in sepia coloured, polarised unevenly and we began to recall various moment of which we were called beautiful by our dearest ones.

Until we trailed passed few tearstained diary pages, of which we have secured our heart breaks, the cadence of our heart cracking, laughters unheard.

And she told me, “seems like there are always some darkness within each of us, isn’t it?”.

I pursed my lips in silence and we fixed gazes. “ True,” I echoed.
Darkness is something we have synonymed with tenderness, sadness sitting in out bones, stinging tears, hard moments faced when we have been defeated.
Many moons ago, if someone were to actually even mention me about scars, trauma or morbid darkness itself, I will tell him or her to discount it. That such a lightless well deserve no attention. But then, I have sit through the numbing tides of depression, heartaches and for countless time, despair has showed up at my door as it brought me a buckets of grievance.

And from those gritty moments I have discovered how we need this lightless well to reignite the fire in our soul, to dance in our very own flame, to bring this timid star forth in the centre of a galaxy. Our galaxy.

To shine.
And here I have wrote a poem to my dear soul sister morning after.

You told me that darkness
has make itself home between
intervals of your heartbeats
sunk within the
marrow of your
you should have also
known better
from the very centre of
      a lightless well
you have woven yourself
            crescendos of stars;
tying them together
              into a nebulous galaxy
an eternal lightyear
away from your extratesterrial
that’s why
today the Sun has marked
                     the day
      it kissed your tender
this is  the day ultraviolet
                              has find its way into
   your electrifying soul ;
              the day a dream painter and
a magic weaver has been
resurrected from her bed
   of stardusts

I remember you said
you are terrified of thunder
your bloodstream as it
down your veins
I am afraid they are the
echoes of your wildest desires 
blossoming in your heartland


Many Love and Light